Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog on Wheels

Just bought a new toy for my little boy. I was trying to get him to pick one of the cheaper little cars that they keep in big jars near the front of the store, but he kept saying, "I want the car that you liked." And he meant this little wooden pull-toy dog that I had commented on when we first visited. And if you could see him when he is so matter of fact about things and when he talks like such a tiny adult about such things, you'd see how useless it is to resist. So it's best to act as if it were your idea in the first place and go along with it.

Besides, it reminded me of my favorite Belle and Sebastian song here:

What will I do with it?
We bought it and I'm sure it will serve us well in many years to come. Besides, he just gave up diapers, so we've saved enough money to buy 4 dogs just in the month he's been pottying.

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