Thursday, July 17, 2008

After the Sun Sets

I think it's vintage textbook day! I just found 3 old textbooks that I've had around for a while. I love these old graphics. And I love the simple morality tales.

I bought these back in the days when I used to edit a zine. Ah, the early '90s, before the rise of the internet, and before the availability of really cheap office supplies and instant access to thousands upon thousands of potential readers and friends. If you were a kind of alienated, shy person, looking to find like minds out there somewhere in the world, you had to work really hard on your personal zine. My zines usually looked very low-budget (because they were), but a lot of time and care went into putting each issue together. And to help out with the design, I kept a stash of vintage books and magazines with lots of great illustrations and melodramatic titles. And I'd write about the music I liked or the films I'd seen and occasionally had contributions from others, but it was still edited according to my tastes and aesthetics.

When I see what the kids have available to them these days, I get a little bit jealous. A lot of the old zine editing involved an awful lot of manual labor. It was part craft, really, I suppose, with all of the cutting and pasting and assembling. And it was so much fun to create the things that you'd want to read.

I suppose that's what I'm trying to do with this blog. I'm trying to craft together something that looks like something I'd want to read. In the end, it might even look a bit like my old zines, once I find my "voice," or whatever. Or it might just look like a big collection of random objects. We'll see.

What will I do with it?
Keep it for a while. But you can buy a copy here! (Or here, temporarily!)

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