Saturday, June 28, 2008

Change Your Life in 30 Days

At the very lowest point of our lives, a spunky little blonde appeared in our tiny television to pull us out of our first year freak-out. She challenged us with her unique blend of sadism and sympathy. We miss the "Starting Over" show very much, but we still have this little book with her little face staring out at us from the spine. (I can see her right now above my computer.) She always reminds me to live fearlessly, even though I have to giggle at all the times she put her clients in cages or tiny rooms alone to help them deal with their issues. It seemed to work, but it also seemed so mean!

What will I do with it?
Well, I have to sell it. If I need it again, I'll buy it again and feel happy with the freshness of a new book.

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