Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rose Hawthorne

And yet more New England nostalgia for the day!

This book was in our school library, in my favorite section, Biography. I still love to know the stories of people's lives, which is why I love to read blogs so much or why I love Hollywood gossip so much, or why I constantly look up Wikipedia pages about the most random people.

But this book has stayed with me, because I especially loved to read about the Hawthornes of Massachusetts. And this book was particularly gripping because it was about her dedication to helping people with incurable cancer. After her husband died, she started her own order of nuns and they tended to incurables in their last days. It seemed quite noble to me and made me love her family all the more.

What will I do with it?
I'll keep it and maybe my sons will read it one day too, when I'm teaching them the history of New England with special emphasis on the authors and their families. But you, of course, can find your own copy here.

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