Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Organic Cloth Diaper Case

So, I guess I should write about the things I purchase while I write about the things I sell.

We've meant to use cloth diapers for ages, but have been a little worried about how difficult it would be or how messy or how different from disposables it would be. At our new little organic baby store in town, though, we found the perfect solution. It's a snappable case that holds the cloth diaper in place. So it works like a disposable, but is washable and great. (It looks kind of like the diaper above, but with elastic and snaps.) It seems to hold the moisture in pretty well, too. He's only soaked through once and that was from sleeping through the night.

So we're going to save hundreds on diapers and we're going to reduce our trash by probably 30 - 40 percent. And our little baby will gets lots more attention because we'll have to change him a bit more often.

What will I do with it?
I'll probably buy a couple more cases (They're $14 each) and a dozen more cloth prefolds so I'm not washing diapers all day.

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