Saturday, July 19, 2008

Copying the Masters

We don't have a lot of coloring books around the house, because we worry about stifling our child's creativity. Maybe if he shows a strong interest in coloring books, we'll get some more for him. I'm quite fond of the Dover coloring books and will probably purchase a few of those when he seems ready.

Any way. . . my little boy received a stack of Peanuts coloring books from his grandmother. I was hesitant to let him use them at first, but he loves to try to trace the pictures and draw shadow images of the pictures in the book. This is an example. Can you see what he's done in the picture? He's drawn an extra outline of the face. He's done this on so many pages now, and he's started drawing his own faces now, too. And you should SEE the pages with motion lines. My little boy goes nuts with embellishing them.

And in a way, it's sweet that he can connect with the artwork of a 70 year old man. And in another way it's sad, that Schulz, no longer able to completely control his hands, drew in a wavy way so similar to a toddler.

What will I do with it?
Encourage his efforts and maybe get him a Dover coloring book to learn about and draw some other different things.

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