Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Stuff Game

I have a little game that I play when I need to clean or just need to deal with piles of stuff.

First, I look at the numbers shown on the digital clock in the kitchen. I add up all of the numbers and then I flit from pile of clutter to pile of clutter and I sort out exactly as many items as determined by the digital clock tally.

So, if the time is 10:55, as it is now, I add 1+0+5+5 to get 11. Then I go to my bedroom and sort 11 items in there, then I go to the dining room and sort 11 items in there and so on. Nothing ever gets completely clean, but after an hour or so of this game, things look at least respectable.

Please let me know any cleaning games that you play! I'm curious!

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